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Five Most Popular Add-ons To Use With Kodi

If you have Kodi, you already know what it is capable of, but if not, we go with a brief review. Kodi is an application that you can download in virtually any of your devices. Where it is most useful on a Raspberry Pi or on a PC, but it is also available for mobile, tablets, Xbox One, and other similar devices.
This application is one of the best content players that you can install since it is compatible with all the most popular formats, but it can also be customized to increase its multimedia player functions.
This improvement is made through add-ons, or extensions, files that we can install in Kodi both from the official library and from external sources.
They are very simple extensions to install, and then we tell you what the best Kodi add-ons are in 2020.
We started reviewing the best Kodi  Setup Wizard addons in 2020 with an obvious. If you don’t have the YouTube app on your TV, then you can’t call it a Smart TV because YouTube is a must for any TV to be considered Smart. You can easily get a YouTube extension for Kodi.
Classic Cinema
If you like classic cinema, it is one of the best add-ons for Kodi. There are hundreds of movies available on the platform in the original language (even some belonging to silent movies) dating back to the 60s.
That is, it is an add-on to enjoy the beginnings of cinema, and the best thing is that you can install this add-on from the search engine. That is to say, it is not like that of Microsoft in which you must install from an external source.
If you like documentaries, Planet is one of the best Kodi  Live Tv Setup add-ons to enjoy them. There is a lot of content with great image quality.
And Plex is another one of those applications that do not need presentation and that, in addition, is integrated into Kodi. This app allows you to have a multimedia streaming system in which one of our computers acts as a server.
It can host video, photo, and audio, as it is one of the best systems for this purpose, and yes, there is an addon in Kodi. The definitive combination if we don’t have a Chromecast and Plex on the mobile.
Google Drive and One Drive
In the past, having cloud storage was very limited and expensive. Currently, thanks to iCloud, One Drive and Google Drive (from Apple, Microsoft, and Google respectively) it is very easy to have a lot of GB in the cloud to save from documents to videos and music.
Both One Drive and Google Drive have a Complete kodi setup Kodi add-on, and it is one of the best add-ons for Kodi that we can download to create access to all the content that we have previously uploaded from the mobile or computer. It is very easy to configure and the possibilities are quite interesting.

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