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How can you customize well-known Kodi Skins?

The well-known Kodi skins, including Aeon, Confluence, fuse(neue), Arctic Zephyr, and Nox enable the users to change the appearance of their Kodi system. But, do you know you can easily entirely change the appearance of Kodi? The customization process of well-known Kodi skins will let you make Kodi appear in the way you want. Undoubtedly, the home screen is the very first thing you come across once you open Kodi. That’s why it’s wise to customize the same to display the most-used add-ons as well as features. To make sure the same, you need to visit “Settings” followed by “Skin settings.” However, the panel would differ a little bit from one theme to another. Next, it’s time to search for an option, known as “Home” in the menu. You should also find options like “Home window” or “Main menu items” within the respective menu.

As a result, you’ll come across a panel in which you can easily customize which items have appeared on the respective home screen. You’d come across options, such as “TV shows”, “Power”, “Settings”, and “Movies.” And each of such items would appear like the main menu item that on the home screen. Moreover, it’s also possible to reorder the items, add new items as well as remove items. You can also add a handy item for adding to the main menu and it will be called your “Favorites.” As a result, you can easily find out the movies, shows, or albums, where you visit the most. In some of the themes, it’s also possible to change the appearance of that of the sub-menu options for each and every item. Just you need to find out an option, known as “Add-on shortcuts” or “Submenu.” And from that part, you can easily choose if the preference is for submenu items for including particular albums, folders, movies, or specific add-ons. When all changes are done, you need to exit the specifically customized screen and voila! Your changes would be saved as well as applied to the respective skin automatically. Another amazing way of customizing Kodi is to make use of the large cover images related to your preferred movies, albums and shows that appear on the respective home screen. When it comes to Kodi, such cover images are known as “fanart.” And these images have been displayed in the form of rotating wallpaper on themes, such as Confluence and Arctic Zephyr.

How to add Fanart to Aeon Nox or Confluence?

First, you need to visit the “System” followed by “Settings.” And then, you need to choose “Interface” followed by “Skin.” Now, it’s time to select “Configure skin.” Next, it’s time for visiting “Background Options” present in the respective left-hand menu. Don’t forget to ensure that the checkboxes “Hide background fanart” along with “Hide fanart in full-screen visualization” have been set to “Off.”

How to add Fanart to Arctic Zephyr?

In order to enable fanart within Arctic Zephyr, you need to visit “Settings” followed by “Skin settings.” Then, you must select “Background” from that of the specific side menu. It’s time for choosing Background from that of the respective side menu. After that, you need to check the specific “Show fanart” box for enabling this particular feature.

How can you add Fanart to Estuary?

In order to enable fanart to Estuary, you need to visit the “System” followed by “Settings.” Then, it’s time for choosing “Interface” followed by “Skin.” Next, you need to select “Configure skin…” Select “Artwork” from left-hand menu. And then it’s time to toggle the option through which you can show media fanart in the form of background to “On.”

Another great way of personalizing the Kodi theme is by changing its colors. For which you need to visit “Settings” followed by Skin settings” Next, it’s time for choosing “Colors” from that of the left-hand menu. At last click on “Select highlight color.” Once you come across a panel, you can select your preferred color from a collection of swatches. Choose your favorite color and then click on “Save.”

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