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How can you use the Kodi Web Interface for controlling Kodi?

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If you’re enthusiastic about Kodi, then you must know that it’s an excellent open-source media center but you should also be aware of the brilliant Kodi web interface. Actually, this particular feature is very much useful but it’s not known by many people. It helps you to control the respective Kodi system. Moreover, you can also search specific files and manage your playlists right from any device, which has been connected to the particular network. It’s important to know how to make use of Kodi web interface for controlling Kodi.

A Brief Introduction to Kodi Web Interface

Actually, the brilliantly-designed web interface is an in-built functionality of the Kodi media center. It helps to control the Kodi system. You can control it from the same device or from a different one via the respective web browser. It’s useful in different ways whether it’s about watching Kodi on the computer or about controlling it from the phone. Maybe Kodi is installed on your personal computer or it’s about making use of the mouse and keyboard for setting up a playlist, Kodi web interface will help you to do that. If you’re about throwing a party and want to enable your friends to add tracks to a particular playlist, Kodi web interface will help you.

What is the process of installing the Kodi Web Interface?

You’ll be glad to know that the web interface, known as Chorus2 has come previously-installed with Kodi. That means you won’t have to download any new file because it would be available automatically. However, you need to enable the Kodi web interface. Just implement the following steps:

First, you need to open up Kodi.

And next, visit “Settings” by clicking on the “cog” icon.

Now, it’s time for visiting “Services,” and you need to go to “Control.”

Next, just find out the toggle that enables remote control through HTTP and then set it to “On.”

Optionally, you might specify a username as well as password in this place. And then don’t forget to ensure that the “Port” has been set to “8080” and also the “Web interface” has been set to “Kodi web interface- Chorus2.”

Make sure the checkboxes are “On” for enabling the remote control from the application on this particular system and also for enabling remote control from the applications on other systems.

Congratulations! The web interface is active now! In case you’re about to make use of the web interface with your friends or if you’re conscious about the security, you should definitely set an username as well as password. Thus, you can prevent any kind of unauthorized access to your Kodi system.

What is the process of accessing the Kodi Web Interface?

Actually, you can easily access the Kodi web interface. Are you going to use the particular interface on that device where the Kodi has been installed on, you need to just open up the web browser. And next, you need to type “localhost:8080” into the specific address bar. As a result, the web interface would open up.

But, if it’s about accessing the Kodi web interface from that of a different device on the respective network, you must know your Kodi device’s IP address. In order to find out the same, just open up Kodi and then visit “Settings.” It’s time for visiting “System Info” and checking the respective “Summary” tab. And then, you’d come across a note specifying the IP address. It would be something like “”

Now, it’s time to make a connection to the other device to the particular network via Wi-Fi and then you need to enter your Kodi device’s IP address followed by “:8080.”

On the contrary, if it’s about enabling your friends to access the Kodi web interface on their respective phones, tell them to make a connection to your Wi-Fi followed by visiting the IP address along with “:8080” in the respective web browser. As a result, they can easily control Kodi. If you have any question or query regarding this topic, you can contact their customer care team.

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