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How can you Watch Movies on Kodi?

Kodi is an incredible application. Its vast range of functionalities actually serves most of the home’s entertainment requirements. Now, if you want to watch movies on this platform, follow the post below.

You can easily make use of Kodi for listening to the radio, watching live TV, and getting updated with the weather and news. The most used feature of Kodi is its capability of streaming TV shows and movies. If you want to be familiar with the movie watching process on Kodi, this post will greatly help you. Kodi is among the topmost ways to watch as well as manage your local movie library. Moreover, this functionality is an integral segment of the application.

How can you Add Movies to Kodi?

You have to execute the following steps:

In order to add the existing movies to Kodi, it’s essential to make a new video source. Now, let’s talk about the process:

First, you have to open the Kodi setup application and then choose “Movies” within the respective menu present on the left-hand side of the particular home screen. And on the next window, you have to select “Add videos.” As a result, the “Add Video Source” window would open.

In the next step, you have to Kodi where to locate your videos. Then, you need to click on “Browse” and then navigate to the respective folder where you have stored all your digital movie collection. Now, you have to fill out a name for the particular media source and then type “Movies” or something like that.

And now on the particular final window, you have to set up some of the further options regarding the content. Then, you have to click on “This directory contains.” And then it’s time for selecting “Movies” from the particular dropdown list. The respective “Information provider” would default to “The Movie Database” on an automatic basis. Also, it’s possible to local metadata. Alternatively, you can also add an alternative provider, in case you wish. In case you’d like to change any other settings, including rating provider, preferred language, or trailers, you need to click on the respective “Settings” button. Next, on the bottom part of the particular window, it’s possible to set up scan options as well as library exclusions.

Once you’re ready, you have to click on “OK,” for initiating the import procedure. Based on your library size as well as your internet speed, it might take a bit time for Kodi for scanning the files and downloading the proper metadata. As a result, you’d come across each and every video in your movie library specified on the respective Kodi home screen. For watching a movie, you have to click on the respective thumbnail. In order to watch the complete library, other metadata, and plot-lines, you have to choose “Movies” within the left-hand menu. And from this particular view, it’s possible to click on the title of a movie for starting playback.

In this step, it’s recommended for you to install the Trakt add-on. Actually, this particular service shares similarity with Last FM; however, for TV shows and films. As a result, it would monitor the movies that you are watching throughout a lot of Kodi add-ons, figuring out in which place you are up to in series and providing suggestions other films for you for checking out. You can download and use Trakt add-on without any investment. You can locate it on the official website of the Trakt add-on.

How can you Stream Movies on Kodi?

In case you like to watch movies without any investment on Kodi through streaming services, you can check out some add-ons. Such, PopcornFlix is one of the popular movie add-ons and it is available in the respective Kodi repo. Albeit, you won’t get the latest; however, you’d get a large number of old classics, a number of modern materials, and some of the original content. Some of the titles are Saturday Night Fever, Beverly Hills Cop III, Terms of Endearment, and Sophie’s Choice.

Comet is a popular American television network that holds a specialization in science fiction movies. Some of the airtime has also been given to related genres, including adventure, supernatural, fantasy, and horror.

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