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How To Get Rid Of Issues Encountered On Add-On On Kodi?

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Kodi  Setup is another online streaming website with its every new update that brings along new ‘Add-on’. Sometimes these ‘Add-on’ doesn’t create hindrance, while you are watching a program on your device; on the other hand, they can be the reason for ‘Black-Screen’ on your devices. Well, before we tell you the way by which you can get rid of these ‘Add-On’, we would tell you what these files are:
These Add-ons are the sites for movies, TV shows, live TV, cartoons, music, sports shows that you stream on your Kodi application. These add-ons are not always legally purchased thus you can find some of the popular add-ons disappear over the night and at the same time some new Add-ons are added. Here is a list of few such add-ons that have been removed. Placenta, Nemesis, Incursion, Uranus, Midian, Wolf Pack Planet MMA, Maverick TV, Skynet, Genesis Reborn and more.
If you have had access to the above-mentioned add-on and now they don’t seem to work and are not even opening nor getting removed from your devices and you have tried to uninstall these add-ons and failed then, this means Kodi is preventing you from uninstalling the Add-ons. Here is what you can do:-
Delete add-ons on Kodi in a proper manner:
These faulty Add-ons can force your Kodi Live Tv Setup application to Crash, if this happens then, you need to immediately remove the recent added ‘Add-ons’ on your device. There are various methods to perform this procedure, whereas the easiest one is by using the Kodi interface. In the coming up steps we have discussed the same in detail which. Follow the step by step instructions carefully.
Delete the data file by the name of ‘Addons27.db’ on Kodi.
This file is majorly responsible for showing you a ‘black-screen’ or ‘blank-screen’. This can be resolved by deleting the file named ‘Addons27.db’.
The file consists of cache information on the installed add-ons. By uninstalling the add-ons on Kodi, you will not be able to delete these files permanently, they will again appear on the screen when you open your Kodi application next time. To permanently remove these files do as follows:
For Windows:
• Open Start menu and write the following navigation path on it ‘%APPDATA%kodiuserdataDatabase’
• After this, click ‘enter’.
• A ‘Database’ folder will appear.
For macOS:
• Move to ‘Users’.
• Then, ‘Username’.
• Followed by ‘Library’.
• Next ‘Application Support’. Then, ‘Kodi’
• After this, ‘Userdata’.
• Finally ‘Database’
For Linux:
• Look for ‘~’ then, ‘Kodi’.
• Followed by ‘User data’.
• Finally ‘Database’.
For Android:
• Search ‘File Manager’ on your Android device.
• Then ‘Data’ next, ‘Orgkodi’.
• After this ‘Files’ next, ‘Kodi’.
• Followed by ‘Userdata’
• Finally, ‘Database’.
For iOS:
• Search ‘Private’ on the device.
• Then ‘Var’ next, ‘Mobile’.
• After this ‘Library’ next, ‘Preferences’.
• Then, ‘Kodi’, followed by ‘Userdata’
• Finally, ‘Database’.
Since you have reached the ‘Database’ folder. You now need to delete the ‘Addons27.db’. Once, you have completed the procedure you can now open ‘Kodi’ application the issue will definitely get resolved.

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