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How to Install Kodi for Windows, MacOS, and Android?

Kodi is a brilliantly-designed, free, and open-source media player that is specifically designed for incredible home entertainment. It has started its journey in the year 2002 and since that period, Kodi has successfully left an impression on each of its user, who is enthusiastic in streaming and sharing content at home. So, if you’re enthusiastic about Kodi and want to install it for Windows, MacOS, and Android, then follow the post below.

Kodi has a lot of uses. Among all of the uses, Kodi has streamlined the process of accessing movies, music, and TV shows – thanks to its incredibly friendly user interface. With the help of Kodi, you can easily stream local contents from your hard disk, laptop, or smartphone to your big screen. After importing the films, Kodi is able to add fan art, posters, video extras, trailers, and more to each and every item.

How to Install Kodi for Windows?

Actually, two ways are available through which you can install Kodi on Windows:

In both of these ways, first, you have to navigate to the official download website of Next, in the list of the supported platform, you need to select “Windows.” Next, you’d have two options for installing Kodi on the respective Windows PC.

If you are about to select “Windows Store,” you’d have to sign in with the respective Microsoft account if you don’t have already. Next, you have to click “Get the App” and as a result, Kodi would be installed. In case you want to receive the executable file, you need to click “Installer” only. It would download automatically. And then you can run the installer. Once Kodi has finished the installation process, you’re now free to launch and use it.

How to Install Kodi on your Mac?

First, you have to navigate to the website of the official download. Now, in the list of the supported platforms, you need to choose “Mac OS.” When the installer downloading gets completed, just click twice on the particular downloaded file and it would extract the required disk image.

Now, you have to drag and drop the particular application into the respective Macs application folder in case the Mac doesn’t ask you to do so. After the completion of the above step, you need to click and launch the Kodi application.

A worth-noting point here is that your Mac might provide you with a notification that it doesn’t permit you to launch the application from unknown developers. And if that happens, you have to implement the below steps to disable it.

First, you need to click the “Apple” icon on the top-left side of the screen. Now, visit “system preferences” and then go to “security and privacy.” After that, you have to click on “Unlock” on the left-bottom corner of the particular screen. And then you could open the application and start enjoying Kodi.

How to Install Kodi on Android?

Two methods are available in total through which you can easily install Kodi on your Android devices. The first method is by making use of the Google Play Store and the second one is through downloading the APK and by running it manually.

Using the Google Play Store:

First, you need to visit the “Google Play Store” by making use of your Android smartphone. Next, you have to type in “Kodi” on the particular search bar and search. Next, you need to click on to the generated first result that would be the “Official Kodi app.” Next, you have to click on “install” and voila! The download would start immediately. Once the download has launched the application, you can start enjoying the application.

Manual Way of Installation:

As a first step, you have to enable the installation from “unknown sources.” Next, you need to visit the settings menu on your Android smartphone and then enable installation from the “unknown sources,” Now, it’s time to visit the website of the official download and choose Kodi for Android. The respective application would then download. Next, you need to install the application and enable it to run and then you can start enjoying Kodi.

If you have any question regarding Kodi installation, you can contact their customer support team.

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