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How to install Kodi on your android device?

The success of Kodi is phenomenal. It is increasing every passing minute. This has been counted as one of the most famous entertainment options. The opportunity to stream content is something required by everyone in the current generation. Kodi influences several platforms, and they are such as Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and much more.

Along with all these options, you have the opportunity to connect Kodi on Android as well. If you are an android user, you can get the maximum out of Kodi. Let’s get to know more about it.

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This post is dedicated to the ones who have android users and struggling to install Kodi on their device. You will find all the details and steps required to install Kodi on android mobile. However, there are critics for Kodi, but it doesn’t make Kodi any less. You will find information related to setting up Kodi. The Android Box offers the chance to use unrestricted content from around the world. You can watch any movie, sports, TV shows, or even news. However, if you want to install Kodi on your android, you must know the following steps.

Steps to install Kodi to the Android TV box

You are eager to know the steps to install Kodi on your Android TV box. But, before you begin, you must ensure that all the previous versions are uninstalled on the Android TV. And then, focus on these steps:

Click home screen> my apps> click browser> enter and press Okay>click Downloads> click ARM Version (Wait until downloading is completed)> My Apps> App Installer> click Local Disk> search Kodi App and click okay to install> press Install on the pop-up dialog box> finally, once done, click on open

That’s all about kodi setup on Android.

Steps to install Kodi to the Android TV box through the play store

You can setup Kodi through Play Store as well. The versions that you will receive are 32bit or 64bit. So, follow these steps to install Kodi on your Android TV box through Play Store:

Click Android Box Home> Google Play Store from the main menu> Create a Gmail Account (If you already have one, log in through it) and then, search for Kodi > click Kodi from the search results > and click Install> Android Box > Open Apps > select on Kodi

This is how you have to install Kodi through Play Store.

So, once done if you want to upgrade Kodi, you must uninstall Kodi from your Android device.  If you uninstall it, you can easily update it, and that’s not hard. You just have to download the newest version and follow the above steps. The procedure will have no difference.

Steps to add Kodi Add-ons to your device

To add Kodi Addons, you have to follow the following steps.

Open Kodi> SYSTEM > File Manager> Press on Add Source> select None> Enter and click on Done> type fusion by entering the name of the media source> Select OK> back to Home Screen> SYSTEM> Add-Ons> Click Install from zip file> Fusion and click on Begin Here> click> look for Add-on Enabled notification

Now, it is all set. You have installed Kodi Addon Installer. It is the only option to get Addons to your Android device. Once it’s installed, you can get addons without any issues. To get add-ons, follow the following steps:

PROGRAMS > click Add-Ons > click Add-On Installer

That’s pretty much about how to setup kodi to the android device, adding addons, accessing it, and a few more details. You have to make sure to read more on Kodi if you want to polish your understanding.

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