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How to Install Kodi Skins and Kodi Add-ons?

If you’re already a fan of Kodi, then you definitely know that it’s a free plus open-source media center for just around any type of device. Started the journey in the year 2004, this incredible platform has been tremendously advanced to house those on a number of various operating systems. It has also brought many developers to create as well as distribute their own add-ons. Now, the simplest way to install Kodi is to install it on Mac or Windows. Moreover, an additional strategy is there for the installation of Kodi on Windows. However, the process is still as easy as clicking a button. In order to download Kodi, you need to implement the following steps:

First, you have to visit followed by clicking on “download.”

Next, it’s time for scrolling down and clicking on either “MacOS” or “Windows.”

Then you need to choose “installer.”

Just follow the on-screen instructions after the completion of downloading.

MacOS provides with both 32- as well as 64-bit installers but Windows provides a 32-bit installer only. It would work on 64-bit systems, it’s also possible for you to have a dedicated installer. Just you have to visit the Windows store, start searching for Kodi and find out the respective 64-bit version.

How can you install Kodi Skins?

You might agree that the latest Kodi version is much better in its appearance than whatever it was in earlier. You’d get many opportunities for customization. Kodi skins have entirely changed the appearance and feel, often maintaining the User Interface (UI) and altering the navigation completely. So, just follow the steps below to install Kodi skins:

First, you need to just open up Kodi and then visit the “Settings” (find out the cog icon).

And then it’s time for choosing the “interface settings.” Now, click on “skin” followed by “get more…”

As a result, a list with available skins would appear. Just choose any of those and voila! The installation will start immediately. The good news is that you’re free to store skins as many as you want. So, just keep on downloading a couple of those as long as you come across something you prefer. Moreover, it’s also possible to change options, such as the skin color of Kodi. It’s time to choose “skin settings” other than “interface settings” by visiting the respective setting screen. As a result, you’d get all the available options.

How to can you Install Kodi Add-ons?

Add-ons actually come either unofficially or officially. But, the best part is that Kodi provides complete support to both of them. An official add-ons’ repository has come with every single install. Moreover, you can also access them just by choosing “add-ons” from that of the menu. You can also check out the list of the top-notch Kodi add-ons to have some idea. On the contrary, unofficial add-ons are somewhat tricky. Two procedures are there in total for these installations. One is via .zip file or by downloading straightforwardly via the URL. But remember, the former one has always been the better option. However, you might also choose the latter one if you’re unable to extract that file on the particular inbox.

Now, let’s discuss how to enable unknown sources on Kodi:

It’s mandatory to enable Kodi for installing Kodi from unknown sources prior to downloading its unofficial add-ons. Just like the installation process of Kodi on Android, this one is also crucial. Just you need to implement the following steps:

First, you need to click the “settings icon.”

Next, it’s time to visit “system settings.”

It’s time for hovering over the cursor through “add-ons.”

Now, you have to slide the “unknown sources” slider in the right direction.

Some of the versions of Kodi already have this particular feature; however, it’s mandatory to check it either way. But, be assured! You’d never need to do it following the first time unless it’s going to be updated to a new version. That means you don’t have to check it each and every time.

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