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How To Listen To Spotify On Kodi ?

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Kodi is of the best applications to enjoy the entertainment that you can customize thanks to applications both official and adapted by the huge user community.
Kodi is a great application to play all kinds of content on mobile, computer, consoles and even in Raspberry Pi. It is an application that allows you to consume local content, but also allows us to expand your possibilities through add-ons. And yes, we can also have Spotify in Kodi.
If you don’t have Kodi Setup yet, here we tell you everything you need to know about this multimedia management application. Now, however, we are going to focus on how to install Spotify on Kodi to be able to enjoy the streaming music service and, thus, have it on television (which is where this add-on makes more sense).
We have already told you that Kodi add-ons can be installed through Kodi’s own repositories, but also through external add-ons created by the immense community. The case at hand is the second, but do not worry, since it is in GitHub and is completely safe.
The first thing you need to do to install Spotify on Kodi is to ensure that you have the checkbox of “allow installation from unknown sources” (it is in ‘System settings’ > add-ons’) and then that you have an account Spotify Premium
And, in order to enjoy Spotify on Kodi, you must have the aforementioned Premium account of the service. That said, let’s go to the core part of the process.
How to install Spotify on Kodi
In order to enjoy Spotify in Kodi, you need to download Marcelveldt’s repository, which is totally safe and lets you install Spotify without any issue.
The simplest thing is that when you have downloaded the.ZIP file, keep it on the desktop to find it easily. Once this is done, you need to go to Kodi Setup Wizard followed by an add-ons menu where you will have to select the open box icon, right at the top of the side list. There, you will have to select the option “Insulate from a .zip file”. Then, you need to search through your device folders for the ‘Makkrcelveldt.ZIP’ file.
Once this is done, in the list of our add-ons, “Marcelveldt’s BETA repository” will appear. It is the repository, which will allow us to install Spotify on Kodi.
The next step is the simplest since it is done 100% within Kodi. You need to go to the add-ons menu and select the box again, but now you are going to ‘Install from repository’.
You have to search for ‘Marcelveldt’s BETA repository’ and, in the menu that appears, you must select ‘music add-ons’.
There will be Spotify among many others, so you select and install it and voila, you already have Spotify operating in Kodi in a few steps and in a very simple way. What you must do is click on Spotify and, in configuration, select your username and password. With that, you can start Spotify on Kodi without problems.

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