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How To Setup Kodi On Chromecast Using Android OS?

Do you want to watch the Kodi content on the Android OS configured on Chromecast? If yes, then the process is quite simple from the Android smartphone. After downloading Kodi, you can easily browse the content from the big screen. You can install Kodi via two methods. We will discuss both the methods with you in this post.

A simple and effective method to install Kodi on Chromecast: In this method, install the app on your smartphone. The major apps include Kodi, Local cast and ES file explorer.

  • After downloading the apps, you need to get.XML file from the player core.
  • Open the download folder and click to open the file. Copy-paste the file from the factory core onto the Android data.kodi.xbmc.
  • Now, launch the Kodi app on your smartphone and start playing the content of your choice. If you have downloaded more than one casting app, then select ‘Local cast’. If there is no other casting app, then it will automatically get open and start playing the content from the video section.
  • If required to select the device, click ‘Chromecast’ and select ‘Play’.

Another method of installing the Kodi on the Chromecast

If the first method is difficult to implement on the device, then select another method which is going to be discussed now. In this method, the mirroring function will be used through an Android phone. The steps for implementing the same are discussed below.

Note: The latter method is easier than the former one but there is one drawback of this method. It consumes the battery faster than the first one.

Do use VPN with the Kodi

Kodi app can be downloaded for free from the app stores available on different OS. Apart from the app, there are add-ons in the form of VPN and other software that helps in watching the same movies or episodes from different locations. If you want to get the location-specific content, then download the VPN for that country or region.

The function of the VPN is to change the location of your device virtually by modifying the IP address. The virtual IP will be assigned to the device for some period of time. You can watch the iPlayer or BBC content from the US and even from the UK.

Before selecting the VPN, don’t forget to go through the services and the features the VPN service providers are offering. If it caters to your needs, then only download it otherwise look for other options. Most of the VPN these days are offering the customers the ease to connect to the same service from more than one device at a time.

In other words, we can say that two VPN services can’t be the same by features. The security and location concern must be looked into before installing the VPN software on your device. It is recommended to use ‘Express VPN’ for seamless and secure streaming of content outside the home location. This service is offering 24×7 support to its customers.

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