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How To Use Kodi With Chromecast ?

Are you looking to use Kodi in Chromecast to join two of the best ways to consume content? And, Kodi is one of the most popular apps to enjoy entertainment and Chromecast is one of the best devices to send mobile content to the TV.

In recent months, every weekend we have talked about specific software and hardware. Kodi Setup and Chromecast play a lot and are two of the best “things” to enjoy home entertainment. Now, let’s join them to tell how you can use Kodi in Chromecast.

I think, at this point, they do not need a presentation, but just in case, we go with a few lines on each one. Chromecast is a small Google device that allows us to stream content from the mobile to the TV very easily.

There are more and more applications that allow us to send mobile content to Chromecast, and we can also send web pages from the PC to Chromecast to view them on the big screen.

Kodi is a program that has become one of the best options to enjoy content on PC, mobile, tablet, Xbox One or Raspberry Pi.

It is a magnificent player, but it is also tremendously customizable, which allows us to change both the skin and add modules (called add-ons) to expand the possibilities of Kodi.

The pity is that there is no “share Kodi on Chromecast” button, but with a series of touch-ups and complementary applications, we can share content on Chromecast.

How to share Kodi on Chromecast

It seems complicated, but it is really very, very simple to use Kodi in Chromecast even if it is not a native option of the app. What you need are three applications for Android:

  • Kodi (obviously)
  • LocalCast
  • A file explorer

Everything is available in the Play Store and you don’t have to download any APK. This done, you have to download this text file from your mobile.

The next step is to go to Kodi and start it. You do not have to do anything with it; you just start it and navigate to create a special folder that you will need later.

Well, the good starts. Next, you must go to the file explorer, to the download folder and copy the file you just downloaded.

Once this is done, in the same file explorer, you go to the following address: Android – Data – org.xbmc.Kodi – files -.Kodi – user data. We leave you a video, which is always easier.

The next thing is to go to Kodi and open a video, for example. In doing so, it will not be played on Kodi, but the LocalCast app will open and, with it, the option to stream to Kodi.

And ready, as you can see, although it seems a mess to be messing with mobile and storage paths, it is very easy to use Kodi with Chromecast.

Now, your Kodi Setup Wizard and Chromecast are connected and you shall stream your content. However, in case, you are not able to connect Chromecast with Kodi, then you can get in touch with experts who assist users with Kodi setup.

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