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Installing The Netflix Extension On Kodi

Since the release of version 18 of Kodi, the mediacenter has been able to manage DRM thanks to Widevine. That’s good, as Netflix needs DRM rights to function.

We will see in this tutorial how to install the extension (add-on) Netflix on Kodi to be able to watch the programs (movies, series and documentaries) of the SVOD service from its mediacenter.

  1. Download and install Kodi (version 18 or later). If Kodi 18 is not yet available in the “recommended” tab, you must choose an RC version of the pre-release tab. If a version of Kodi is already installed on your computer, the installation will act as a simple update and keep the data and extensions already present, however, it is advisable to make a backup of your Kodi.
  2. Download Castagnait Repository.
  3. Start Kodi and in the main menu click on “add-ons”.
  4. Click on the small package opened at the top left.
  5. Click on “install from a zip file”. If a message appears saying that the installation of extensions from unknown sources is disabled then you have to click on parameters and activate the installation from unknown sources then go back and click on “install from a zip file”.
  6. Select the player where the Netflix add-on that you have downloaded is located, and then click on the repository that you downloaded at the start. The installation of the depot begins and takes very little time.
  7. Once the installation of the depot is complete, a confirmation message appears at the top right. Click on “Install from a repository” (install from the repository).
  8. Click on “Netflix Add-on Repository” (no longer valid), now it’s Castagna IT Repository.
  9. Click on “Video add-ons” then on “Netflix”, then click on “install”, choose the most recent version then click “OK” to validate everything. If a message appears saying that you need Widevine (normally it is when you click for the first time on a video), you must validate so that the installation is done automatically. A confirmation message will appear at the top right to confirm that the add-on is installed.
  10. Go back once and place the mouse cursor on “Download” then click on “VideoPlayer InputStream” which appeared.
  11. Click on “InputStream Adaptive” then on “install” and wait for the installation of the module to finish.
  12. Go back twice to the main menu then go to the Netflix add-on icon (Videos > video extensions) and right-click on the icon (or long-press) then select parameters (settings).
  13. In “account”, click on “switch account” then enter your Netflix identifiers (email address, then OK and password then OK to confirm).
  14. Restart Kodi so that all the settings are taken into account (it does not work if you do not restart at this time). Click on “Videos” in the main menu then “video add-ons” then on Netflix to enter the Netflix extension.
  15. You can choose your user and then, you will see several menus:
    1. My list
    2. Resume with our profile
    3. Our selection for you
    4. Original Netflix programs
    5. Current trends

With that, your Netflix extension is installed on Kodi and you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows.

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