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Kodi 18.3 Leia is Now Available

You should have at least one device, which provides support to Kodi. Being free software, it’s available for getting utilized in macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi (RPi), and Linux devices. If you want to become a Kodi user, you need to start installing, updating, and making use of Kodi to get additional information. While it comes to particular platforms, including Windows and macOS, you can easily start your journey with Kodi. So, just install Kodi on RPi or iOS device. However, you can also opt for synchronizing the respective media libraries throughout more than one device with Kodi by making use of suitable add-ons or throughout a local network. Are you looking for setting up a separate media player with the specific Kodi library in all the rooms? You can definitely do the same. Kodi is open source software, which has been evolved by the non-profit XBMC Foundation. A number of its add-ons and attributes have been driven by the respective community. That means Kodi experiences updates on a frequent basis. Do you want to know more about each and every new release of Kodi? Then, you should refer to the official Kodi blog. If you’re enthusiastic about the development of the attributes of Kodi, you can start downloading the respective latest builds. However, most of the users would like to prefer stable releases. Kodi is actually free yet open-source software while it comes to managing the local collection of music, movies, photos, and television shows. Can you remember it as the former Xbox Media Center or XBMC? Rather, the utility of Kodi is its great support for a large range of file types as well as considerable cross-device compatibility. Moreover, Kodi also greatly put content center as well as front and that’s how it has become an appropriate interface for the home theater PCs or separate media playback devices like the ones, which are connected to speakers or projectors.

Two months following the earlier update, Kodi 18.3 has been finally available for the purpose of downloading from the official website. Although no new features are there, this particular update has been solely focused on the ‘usability’ fixes. Nonetheless, Kodi 18.3 might take some time to get live on the Google Play Store as well as the Microsoft Store. After the release of the Kodi 18.0, a consistent number of updates got available for the newest major version of Kodi. And now with the release of Kodi 18.3, you can expect to see a lot of improvement in this brilliant home theater software. Moreover, the problematic parts will also more likely to get resolved. As a Kodi user, you might be familiar with the incremental updates, which are there for fixing bugs. The same thing is applicable to Kodi 18.3 that has brought a lot of usability fixes, which are concentrated on the UI of the specific application and also the PVR as well as music functionality.

Estuary: A lot of User Interface or UI has fixed for the respective ‘Favorites’ widget (which is not scrolling appropriately on 16:10 displays), scrollbar focus related to the specific ‘Skin Settings’, and unreachable API button in Settings. Furthermore, TV show titles plus episode titles are now displaying properly within the ‘Video’ info dialog. Also, a new ‘Search’ button is also there on the respective side menu within the ‘Music’ as well as ‘Video’ windows.

PVR Functionality: Now, you can expect a ‘Group Manager’ crash to get resolved along with the EPG UI corruption. Moreover, the problem of EPG data not displaying with the newly-added channels should also get resolved now.

Music Functionality: Congratulations! It’s where you’d get a single new attribute of Kodi 18.3. Now, the specific application is now capable of playing DTS-HD audio tracks. This update has resolved the problem of wrongly-chosen thumb art getting selected for artists as well as albums.

You can start downloading Kodi 18.3 from the official website of the specific application. Just you need to click the given link. And then, select your platform followed by downloading the respective software.

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