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What are some of the popular Kodi Builds in 2019?

Without any doubt, Kodi  Setup is the best application while it comes to experiencing media content. However, you can also tweak Kodi and make it completely both in terms of appearance as well as feature. Moreover, Kodi Builds have become greatly very popular among folk. It’s due to that each and everything that a user requires to start their journey on Kodi is present there. Furthermore, within a build, you’d get various types of Kodi skins, a vast array of content, well-known Kodi add-ons, needed services, etc. In simple words, it has become tremendously easier when it comes to streaming and organizing content right from a Build, instead of configuring Kodi from the beginning. It’s high time to discuss some of the best Kodi Builds through which you can start experiencing a new universe of Kodi that’s without any difficulty.

Reaper Kodi Build: At present, Reaper is the preferred among the users of Kodi on Reddit. Actually, it’s superbly clean and it doesn’t come with any unnecessary add-ons. Moreover, the specific repository is updated as a consistent basis. Reaper is amazingly active at present and also it’s clean on a daily basis that from the outdated add-ons as well as from the broken functionalities. While it comes to appearance, the Reaper Kodi Build shares similarity with the respective official build of Kodi, as it makes use of the same brilliant Estuary skin of Kodi. Moreover, its UI is consistent with its individual collection of functionalities. Also, some of the settings have been removed for improving the performance.


Titanium is considered among the most famous builds on Kodi live Tv Setup and it’s since a considerably long period. The specific Kodi Build has already experienced a lot of phases linked with active development as well as deprecation. At the present time, its performance is sufficiently good along with the support of a lot of add-ons. In terms of appearance, it is among the best appearing Kodi build. There are also personalized banners as well as fancy animations. In simple words, the entire user interface is greatly clean as well as cohesive. Moreover, the specific custom menu is present right there and it’s possible to personalize it, as per your preference.

Xanax Kodi Build

Have you been a long-time Kodi user? You might surely remember the brilliant Durex build, which was heavily famous at some particular point. Xanax and Durex have the same interface along with all the needed services as well as add-ons. Moreover, performance is also decent at the present time. While it comes to the content size, you’d get a huge library of music, sports, movies, TV shows, and so on.

Diggz Xenon Kodi Build

In simple words, Diggz Xenon has come with a lot of features, which are based upon superheroes’ legions. Moreover, its appearance is futuristic in every aspect. Also, the animations and visuals have been greatly performed that has given an impending war feeling within a superhero movie. The incredible build has come with the size of approx 600 MB so that it can be possible to predict its heavily skinned build. Moreover, it also comes with a lot of other functionalities. Furthermore, the Xenon build holds a vast repository of TV shows, movies, or add-ons that have been hosted on the individual server of its own. It helps to stream content without experiencing buffering issue or hoops. Also, it has come with the well-known add-on, such as Exodus, Seren, Yoda, TV-Addons, and so on.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build: It’s a well-known Kodi Setup Wizard build because of the availability of unlimited content within its several repos. It has come with 15 various categories of repositories. And from here, you can select various types of content. Moreover, deep integration is also there with the URL Resolver service that is capable of fixing streaming problems associated with broken links. It might be considered among the best builds of Kodi while it’s about appearance and content. This build is basically for series and movie enthusiasts.

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